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NVBW cavalry demonstration team 'The Red Hussars'

The NVBW cavalry demonstration team 'The Red Hussars' shows what the cavalry is best at: surprise, flexibility, resisting obstacles and the ability to attack quickly. Various weapon skills are demonstrated in flashy actions. In this way, 'museum weapons' come to life and the public sees how effective seemingly primitive weapons such as sabres and lances are in the hands of trained troopers.


The team rides in the Dutch uniform of the 3rd regiment of hussars from the period 1890-1914. At that time the royal regiment was stationed in The Hague. The red decorations on the uniforms gave the well trained hussars the nickname 'The Red Hussars'.

The NVBW demonstration team usually consists of 6 to 10 riders (including a trumpeter) and 'groundcrew'. Riders and groundcrew will be dressed in the Attila (a uniform jacket decorated with trusses). This, together with the historical weapons and harnachements, gives a beautiful and historical image of the cavalry. Our informative and entertaining speaker will verbally accompany our spectacular demonstrations.

Some highlights from our demonstrations:
  • Firing with revolver, carbine and gas gun (subject to permission / authorization).

  • Jumping over fire with flames up to one meter high.

  • Coal chopping.

  • Chop burning torches.

  • Jump and hit target (with sable, lance and revolver).

  • Combined actions with a lance.

  • Attacks / charge in line or block formation.

  • Effects with smoke.

  • Tent down in gallop attack.

  • Honour salut.



For more information and quotation please contact
+31(0)6 5180 7539 or by email:

Impression of our demonstrations: 

Two of our horses and riders gave a demonstration of ridden weaponry during a horseshow. This time no Red Hussars show but an educational demonstration with explanations from the speaker and one of the riders.

The riders are showing that by optimal confidence the horse does everything for you without fear of popping, fire or whatever.

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