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In essence, everyone is welcome to join our association. However, participation in trainings is not for everyone because a certain equestrian skill is required. Our trainings are not horseback riding lessons in that respect. Whether or not someone is suitable to join the club as a riding member cannot be said in advance. In that respect it is more a matter of talent and aptitude than experience. Potential new members should therefore take at least three trial courses. If the instructors assess that further participation is justified, the possible next step is prospective membership.


Extremely talented members of the NVBW are candidates to participate in the cavalry demonstration team 'The Red Hussars'.


It is also possible to become a non-riding member of the association. For example for people who like to be closely involved in the activities of the association in a supporting role.

Membership and contribution

The NVBW has five types of membership and two contribution levels:

  • Normal membership at € 70,- per 12 months*

  • Youth membership (from 11 to 18 years) at € 37,- per 12 months**

  • Non-ridden membership at € 37,- per 12 months

  • Donor (voluntary contribution)

  • Honorary membership (non-contributory membership after special achievements)

* € 66,- in case of automatic collection
** € 33,- in case of automatic collection


For membership you will receive an annual invoice from the NVBW.

Membership procedure

Of course, the first step is to get acquainted. Send an e-mail to if you would like to sign up to come and have a look. Of course, you are also welcome to drop by spontaneously during a training course. The next step is participation in a training. The first three training sessions are a trial training after which a rider decides if he would like to become a member. During the next General Assembly it will be voted whether prospective members will be admitted as members of the NVBW.

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