Accompanied by specialised instructors, the NVBW trains weekly on Saturdays in small contexts and monthly (usually on Sundays) in large contexts on the outdoor grounds of the Equestrian Centre Muiderberg. A regular training course lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.Training sessions are open to members and prospective members.

  • Participation in introductory training (once-only): Free of charge

  • Participation on an equestrian horse: € 27,50 per training course

  • Participation on your own horse: € 25,- per training

  • Participation youth (up to and including 17 years old) on equestrian horse or own horse:
    € 15,- per training.

The trainings will be charged by Equestrian Centre Muiderberg.

Special training courses for non-members
Equestrian Centre Muiderberg facilitates at all levels targeted training for riders/amazones but also horses for:
  • The Military Equestrian Proof

  • Ridden reenactors

  • Honorary exporters

  • Actors and extras

For options and rates, please contact us at